Our Communities

Our Communities

Looking to move to the area and not sure where to go?

Here is a helpful list of communities in Allegany, Mineral, Garrett and Hampshire Counties.

Allegany County

Downtown Cumberland is the heart of Allegany County. This is where you will find many local restaurants and stores, schools, government offices, courthouses, etc. There is an abundance of history and architecture. If you’re looking for the kind of lifestyle where you can walk to the legendary Cafe Mark for breakfast and Manhattan Social for drinks in the evening, this is the place for you. You can be on I-68 in minutes from pretty much any area of the city!



North End area of Cumberland

The North End of Cumberland is a very diverse area. To make it easier, we will break it down to a few main areas.

The North Mechanic and Centre Street area is home to many local shops (Buttercup Boutique, The Salon, The Corner Tavern, and much more!) and homes.It’s a very bustling area! However, it is not just commercial properties. There are plenty of residential, federal style homes mixed in. If you are looking to be steps away from City Center, this is a great place to be.

The Holland Street area is the true “North Side”. Braddock Middle School is located right on Holland. There are a variety of homes here. There are large Victorians, charming cottages, mid-century modern ranchers. It really is diverse! A cool feature to this neighborhood is Lovers Leap. There are many trails leading up Will’s Mountain to the stunning overlook. It is truly an iconic view!

Valley Road/Bedford Road

Valley Road and Bedford Road head north into Pennsylvania. There are many homes and businesses (Sheetz, Pharmacare, Skewers and much more) off of each road. Northeast Elementary School is located off of Valley Road. Bowman’s Addition, a large neighborhood, is located nearby. This is a great place to look if you want to be near the city but not directly in it.



South Cumberland

South Cumberland is a large part of the City of Cumberland! There are many residential properties as well as local businesses scattered along Industrial Boulevard and Virginia Avenue.  There are multiple schools and parks. The Mason Sport Complex has many ballfields as well as a BMX track and access to the C&O Canal and Potomac River! Easily accessible to I-68 and Mineral County, West Virginia.



West Side of Cumberland

The West Side of Cumberland is a residential neighborhood with many businesses mixed in. It is home to many storefronts and offices on Greene Street, a library, West Side Elementary School and the Washington Street Historic District. There are many historical homes on Washington Street, Prospect Square and Campobello. There are also some side streets headed up the mountain if you’re looking for a quiet street in the city. If you like suburban neighborhoods filled with older homes, West Side is for you. This neighborhood has access to many I-68 entrances/exits.



Johnson Heights area of Cumberland

The Johnson Heights area is located in South Cumberland near Fort Hill High School and Constitution Park. This neighborhood was developed in the early to mid 1900’s and was home to the former Memorial Hospital. The hospital is gone but there is still a large physician’s office and is located minutes away from Western Maryland Heath System. This charming neighborhood has many styles of homes. Driving down Louisiana Avenue, you will spot some of the most iconic Cumberland homes. It is very convenient to shopping, I-68, WMHS, Allegany College and local schools.

Bishop Walsh Area

The Seton Drive, Bishop Walsh area of the City of Cumberland was mainly developed in the 60’s, 70’s with new homes still being built to this day. The former Sacred Heart Hospital sat on top of the mountain and it was always a prominent neighborhood. If you’re looking  for a mid-century rancher in the city, maybe even a view? This is for you. If you’re looking for a split level home, this could be for you. If you’re looking for a modern two-story family home, this could be for you. The neighborhood is incredibly accessible to I-68 and LaVale. This area now welcomes the new Allegany High School as well as Bishop Walsh School, making the neighborhood very convenient for everyone- from commuters to families to teachers.




The City of Frostburg is the second largest city in Allegany County. It is a cute little mountain city with a charming main street and Frostburg State University. You have many amenities like Weis Grocery Store, many local restaurants (Princess Restaurant, Sand Springs Saloon and Steakhouse and much more!), shops, etc. Beall Elementary School, Frost Elementary School and Mountain Ridge High School are all located right in town. This is a great community for anyone looking for a small town/city environment close to I-68.




LaVale is the epitome of a Cumberland suburb. Located less than 10 minutes from the city of Cumberland and the city of Frostburg, LaVale offers two elementary schools, a library, and a ridiculous amount of shopping! The Country Club Mall, Martin’s, Kohl’s, Tractor Supply, TJ Maxx and so much more are all located minutes from each other. This community is located right off of I-68 and National Highway (Route 40). There are many different neighborhoods within LaVale. There are single level ranchers, newer two story, modern homes, and even large Victorian homes.



Cresaptown is a small town outside of Cumberland on Route 220. It is home to many local stores and restaurants (Lashbaugh’s, Todd’s BBQ, Church Hill Pub, Sheetz), multiple neighborhoods and Cresaptown Elementary School. Growing up on McKenzie Tower Road in nearby Pinto, I can tell you this side of Allegany County is great if you’re looking to be outside the city.

Bel-Air is a development past Cresaptown on Route 220. It is home to Bel-Air Elementary School along with various gas stations, stores and minutes from Weis Grocery Store. This neighborhood was developed between the 1960’s until the 1990’s so there are a variety of homes.

These neighborhoods are convenient to LaVale, Cumberland, Northrup Grumman, IBM, American Woodmark and Keyser. If you like small town living with plenty of amenities, check out Cresaptown and Bel-Air.



Bowling Green

Bowling Green is a suburb outside of Cumberland on Route 220 before Cresaptown. It is home to the Allegany County Fairgrounds. There are many affordable homes in this neighborhood surrounded by beautiful mountains! It is also very convenient to I-68, Northrup Grumman, American Woodmark and IBM.




Rawlings and McCoole are communities located on Route 220 past Cresaptown. They are very convenient to Keyser, American Woodmark, Verso Papermill, IBM and Northrup Grumman. There are many rural properties in this area as well as neighborhoods like Rawlings Heights which offers variety of homes along Fore Sisters golf course.



Corriganville /Mount Savage

Corriganville is located on Route 36 about 10 minutes outside the City of Cumberland. It is incredibly convenient to nearby PA, Cumberland, LaVale and Frostburg. It is a small community with a some local businesses. Mount Savage is a small town on Route 36 between Corriganville and Frostburg. It is a more rural community home to Mount Savage Elementary School and Mount Savage Middle School. There are various types of homes right in town. Historical homes, newer properties as well as many farms on the outskirts. This would be convenient for anyone looking for rural living not far from town. You can also use Mount Savage backroads to get to the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Somerset. It is located about 20 minutes from Cumberland.




Ellerslie is located right below the Mason Dixon Line. It is very convenient to PA and Cumberland. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the City of Cumberland. There are a few developments as well as rural homes with acreage. This is a great area if you’re looking for country living outside of the city.



Spring Gap and Oldtown area

The Oldtown area is located off of Route 51. This area is a great example of a rural, agriculturally based community. Spring Gap is the first community you come to outside of town on Route 51. It has access to the Potomac River and C&O Canal, a post office and the iconic Millstone Deli. Oldtown itself is a very small town with a very large zip code. Right in Oldtown, you have access to the Potomac River and C&O Canal along with various historical sites. You can also access the low water bridge over to Green Spring, WV (Hampshire County). There are many farms and homes with acreage out in this area. Attractions like the  Green Ridge Forest and Potomac River make this area attractive to outdoorsmen and hunters. This area is convenient to Cumberland or anyone commuting to Winchester, Virginia.




The Flintstone/Little Orleans area is located east of Cumberland. This area is home to Flintstone Elementary School and a large portion of the Green Ridge State Forest. Due to all of the farms and forest, this area is very attractive to hunters and outdoorsmen. It also has easy access to I-68. It could be convenient for anyone working in Allegany or Washington Counties.



Lonaconing, Barton and Westernport

Lonaconing, Barton and Westernport are three small towns located along George’s Creek and Route 36. Westernport is home to Westernport Elementary School and Lonaconing is home to George’s Creek Elementary School and Westmar Middle School. All three communities are convenient to Verso Papermill, Garrett County, I-68 and Frostburg.



Mineral County



Located right across the Potomac River from Cumberland, Ridgeley is a small town with a large zip code. The actual town of Ridgeley sits at the foot of Knobley Mountain by nearby Carpendale. There are many local businesses such as My Place, Hage’s Market and Nelson’s Auto Sales.



Wiley Ford

Wiley Ford is located right across the Potomac River from South Cumberland. Residents benefit by being close to the city but with West Virginia taxes! The Canal Parkway makes Wiley Ford very accessible to Cumberland. Homes here are affordable and vary in style. Wiley Ford is home to Wiley Ford Primary School, Press’s Market and many other establishments!



Short Gap

Short Gap is a community at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 956. This area is extremely popular as it is close to Northrup Grumman, IBM, American Woodmark and Cumberland. It has many neighborhoods as well as custom homes with acreage. It is home to Frankfort Middle and High Schools.




Lakewood is a prestigious neighborhood in between Wiley Ford and Short Gap. It is located off of Route 28 at the end of Scenic Lane. This neighborhood is known for its custom homes and private lake. The lakefront homes have access to the lake and all homes have access to the community beach. This neighborhood is very convenient for someone working in Cumberland but wanting lower taxes! It is also close to Northrup Grumman, IBM and American Woodmark.



Fort Ashby

Fort Ashby is a small town at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 46, about 20-30 minutes from Cumberland and 20 minutes from Keyser. Fort Ashby is near and dear to my heart. This is where my mother’s family is from. We have quite the history there! Fort Ashby is home to Fort Ashby Primary and Intermediate Schools, Wayne’s Meat Market and other local stores. There are farms, multiple developments and rural homes with acreage. It is a great community for someone looking for country living with two small nearby cities.


Keyser is the largest city in Mineral County. Located off of Route 220, Keyser is a small Appalachian city nestled in the mountains. Home to Potomac State University, this community is partially college students but is mostly residential. There are multiple types of living here- town, country, developments, and farms. If you’re looking to live in West Virginia but still have plenty of amenities, Keyser might be the place for you.




Springfield is a small town located right over the Hampshire County line. This town is a quick drive to the Potomac River. Many live here full-time but some own recreational properties along the river. Located 15 minutes from Romney and 45 minutes to Cumberland and Winchester, VA. This is prime river access! If you are looking for a river lot, Springfield has many. Great  kayaking and swimming. This is a great location if you are looking to live out in the country.

Green Spring

Located across the Potomac River from Oldtown, this community is great for someone looking for a small town with recreational features. There is access to the Potomac River and plenty of farm land. Plus it is a quick drive across the low water bridge to Oldtown’s C&O Canal access!


Garrett County

Finzel and Avilton

Finzel is located right over the Garrett County line past Frostburg. This is a great area for someone looking for rural living close to many attractions such as Savage River State Forest, New Germany State Forest, the Deep Creek Lake area and more! Avilton is located just past Finzel on I-68. It offers a very similar lifestyle except close to Grantsville and Deep Creek! These communities are  convenient for anyone working in Garrett or Allegany Counties.




Grantsville is a community along National Road (Route 40) and I-68. It is a rural community with a charming main street with many amenities. It offers country living plus it is near multiple recreational attractions like Penn Alps and the Casselman River!  Cumberland is 25 minutes away, Deep Creek Lake is 25 minutes away, Morgantown and Uniontown are 45 minutes away. It’s a great central location!


Accident is a small, main-street community along Route 219 in Northern Garrett County. It is home to Accident Elementary School, nearby Northern Middle and High Schools and many small businesses like Annie’s Kitchen Country Restaurant and MoonShadow Cafe. This is a great area if you are looking for small-town life with affordable housing less then 15 minutes from Deep Creek Lake and I-68!




If you are looking to be in the action at Deep Creek Lake, McHenry is for you! This is the hub of the lake. Wisp Resort, most of the local marinas, restaurants and rental companies are all located in McHenry. This area is close to everything and is a great place to look for an investment property or vacation home. However, with all of the amenities, McHenry does come with a steep price tag!


My pup Alphie looking out to the Glendale Bridge this summer!

Oakland Side of Deep Creek Lake

Oakland is the Garrett County seat and a beautiful small town located about 15 minutes from Deep Creek Lake. Oakland is a great example of a small town with a HUGE zip code. If you are looking to be on the lake but want a more rural atmosphere than McHenry, check out homes on the Oakland side of the lake. Lakeshore Drive, Glendale Road and the several communities off of Sand Flat Road offer beautiful lake oriented homes that are still accessible to the McHenry attractions.


Swanton is my favorite area of the lake. Commonly referred to as the “Southern” Part of the lake, this area offers a much more rural vibe than McHenry. Located off of Route 495 (trust me- MUCHHH different then the 495 in the DC area), this area can be about a 20 minute commute to the Wisp but worth it if you are looking for a quiet, more private atmosphere.

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