Business Spotlight with Mind, Body and Beauty

Mind Body Beauty LLC, owner Megan Alt

Business Address: 24 President’s St. Fort Ashby, WV 26719

Phone Number: 304-300-4247(HAIR)
What is your business and what do you offer?
We are a local beauty salon, currently, offering services in hair, eyelashes, & aesthetics. To break it down a little more, we offer cuts for men, women and children, hair coloring, perms, waxing, eyelash extensions and eyelash lifting and tinting, brown lamination and brow tinting, facials with customizable treatment options, non-surgical skin tightening procedures and much more!
What inspired you to open a salon in Fort Ashby?
I reside in Mineral County and I just absolutely love our little close-knit town. Fort Ashby has really been growing with small business the last few years and I always say how we have just about one of everything except for a full service salon and gym so I wanted to open something that would give our locals convenience and opportunity to be able to get in a quick work out while their kids are at a sports practice or to have their lashes done while their kids are across the street on the baseball field practicing without having to commute 25 minutes each way to and from a gym or salon. I also wanted to create a few employment opportunities for those who live here in rural parts of WV to not have to commute so far to work.
How many stylists do you have?
We currently have three cosmetologists, one aesthetician and a massage therapist. And a nail tech coming soon!
What do you specialize in?
I’d say we’re very well known for our eyelash extension services and also our color corrections or just any hair color service in general. Also, our non-surgical skin tightening procedure is becoming a very popular service that isn’t offered anywhere else in the tri-state area. I attended a training about a year ago for it with a company based out of the UK.
Any services you hope to add in 2023?
We plan on 2023 being a huge year of growth for us! We are adding microblading, massage services, spray tanning, hair extensions and the goal is to incorporate some fitness classes in the back part of our building such as yoga, cross training classes, kettlebell, etc., which is how the name of our business came about.
What is your business goal?
The beauty industry isn’t just about the physical appearance, it’s also about how you feel when you leave the salon. We want to incorporate health into our business as well. We want to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere where you can just slowdown from a fast-paced life, laugh with your beauty professional, workout and have the accountability with like-minded people who want to focus on their health as well.