FAQ with C&F Mortgage

C&F Mortgage Corporation

Karen Pfeil and Jessica Kiztmiller

Website: www.LoanLady13.com

Email:Kpfeil@cfmortgagecorp.com and JKitzmiller@cfmortgagecorp.com

Phone Number:240-447-3180 and 681-209-3339

What makes C&F stand out in comparison to other lenders? 

30 day or less closings and we don’t prequalify we PRE APPROVE

What is the difference between a traditional bank and a mortgage company? 

A traditional bank only has one set of guidelines and can’t vary off those guidelines, one set of pricing.  We have several investors and many programs and guidelines that will fit the client, not the bank.

What kind of properties do you specialize in?


What kinds of loans does C&F offer? 

Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA

What are the current interest rates? 

Depends on credit scores and DTI (Debt to Income ratio)

We hear that you “pre-approve” buyers versus “pre-qualify them”. What is the difference? 

Actually doing more than just pulling a credit report, but actually collecting W2s, tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, etc, prior to issuing letters.

Where does my credit score need to be in order to qualify for a loan? 

Depends on loan type, but generally at least 640 middle score

Do I have to put down a downpayment for a home?

On certain loan products, but USDA and VA do not require down payments.

I am a first-time homebuyer. Does this get me any special perks? 

There are certain products they may help assist with purchasing, but the “Grants” that are out there aren’t really grants because they have to be paid back.  If a property qualifies for USDA than that’s a much better loan than doing a FHA with a grant.

I have no money for a downpayment or closing cost assistance. Is it a possibility I could still be approved for a mortgage? 


What is a USDA loan? Are there any special things I need to know about this loan product? 

YES, min credit of 640, property location within eligible area, can’t currently own a home (but not first time home buyer product) and income restrictions. seller can contribute up to 6% towards the buyers closing costs.

What is a FHA loan? Are there any special things I need to know about this loan product? 

This is a government loan that requires 3.5% down payment, seller can contribute up to 6% towards the buyers closing costs.

I am a veteran. Do you do VA loans? 


I want to buy a fixer-upper. Do you have a loan product that would allow me to purchase this property without having to do repairs prior to closing? 

Yes, 203K loans are available.

Once I get a home under contract, what are the next steps in terms of my financing? 

Loan application

How long does it typically take to buy a home once I get it under contract? 

30 days

How much are closing costs and what do my closing costs consist of? 

Depends on the area, we provide specific closing costs on each property and buyer

Anything else you want to add? 

Go with a Lender who is available 7 days a week and after 5pm.  This is a huge purchase and you need to know your lender is there for YOU!

For more information or to apply for a loan, check out C&F’s website here.