Prepping Your Home for Spring Listing

Hello April!

This is the time of year where listings pop up like springtime flowers. If you are preparing to list your home this spring (or you are just looking for a spring cleaning checklist), check out some of our tips and tricks.

  1. Rake out any dead leaves that have collected around your home. This is an easy fix and really makes a difference.
  2. Power-wash! This is another satisfying spring-cleaning task. Spray down your sidewalks, vinyl siding, patios, decks, porch furniture, etc. You can usually find electric power-washers under $200 at Lowe’s. Or you can hire a local company to do the work for you if you are not able. If you are in the Allegany County and Mineral County areas, Appalachian Pro Wash offers these services.
  3. Touch-up your landscaping. If you have existing landscaping, this is always a great time of year to trim the hedges, remove any dead plants and start to plant new. Also a great time to throw some new mulch in your flower beds. If you do not have any existing landscaping, consider adding some flowers for color and curb appeal. If you aren’t in the mood to garden, check out Lowes and the Downtown Dollar flower center (Located on Greene Street, Cumberland, MD) for pre-made planters that you can buy and easily set outside. Just don’t forget to water them. ☺︎
  4. Clean your gutters out! Clogged gutters can cause major damage to a home. They can route unwanted water into your home, basement or yard. If you have any overhanging trees, you may want to consider having them trimmed back. This will help keep your gutters clean year-round.
  5. Scrape and repaint any peeling paint outside. In an appraiser’s eyes, any exterior peeling paint on a house built before 1978 could be considered lead-based. Even if it is not lead-based, taking care of peeling paint issues helps the curb appeal and makes the home look much more maintained.
  6. Clean your windows. This task can be difficult depending on how many stories your home is. However, Lowe’s has Windex that you can attach to your hose for harder to reach areas. If the hose can’t reach it, consider hiring a professional. It makes a very noticeable difference- inside and out.

If you are considering selling your home this spring, call Mountainside Home Realty for a free price analysis and for more tips on getting your home ready to list.

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