Tips on Prepping Your Home for Sale in the F A L L

If you are thinking of selling your property this fall, here are some recommended projects to spruce your home up prior to putting it on the market.

  1. Rake up dead leaves and debris around your home.
  2. Any dead annual flowers left over from summer? Pull these out and replace them with mums, sunflowers or other fall favorites.
  3. Replace the air filters in your home and consider calling a local HVAC company to do yearly maintenance on your heating and cooling units.
  4. Clean out the gutters. Clogged gutters can cause a lot of issues that would potentially show up on an inspection report!
  5. If applicable, put in your storm windows and store your screens until next summer.
  6. Put any window units away once it is time to turn the heat on. Window units can allow cold air to come in. Drafts aren’t welcoming to buyers!
  7. If your gardens are looking a little drab, consider adding new mulch to give the garden beds a fresh, clean look.
  8. Scrape and paint any peeling paint. If your house was built before 1978, peeling paint could be considered potentially lead based and may be flagged by an appraiser.
  9. Trim back any overgrown plants, bushes, trees, etc.
  10. Is your home vacant? Consider winterizing the home to prevent busted pipes.
  11. Power wash the dirt and grime off of your home, sidewalks, porches, etc.
  12. Make sure your smoke and CO2 detectors are working properly.
  13. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned before you use the fireplace.


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