WHAT’S NEW IN 2024- Wheelz Up Adventures

Name: Angie Shaw

Website: wheelzupadventures.com

Q: What made you want to work at Wheelzup Adventures?

A: When 2020 happened, I found myself in turmoil. I took to the outdoors and found a new appreciation to what we have in Cumberland. I did a ton of growth and self discovery during this time in the outdoors. A lot of healing came and suddenly I realized that this was my calling. To get people outdoors to show them how nature can help us heal and discover who we truly are. Long story short, Mandela and Jamie Echefu, owners of Wheelzup Adventures, and myself crossed paths. After our first meeting together, my mind was blown as I realized we all had the same mission  in life. To get people outdoors to self discovery. The rest is history. 

Q: What are you guys looking forward to in 2024? Any new or exciting adventures planned?

A: We are bringing back some old and new adventures. Stay tuned on social media and our website as we will be launching those soon. We are also very excited to get our first NICA season started and going this year.

Q: Wheelz Up has really created a local community dedicated to outdoor activities. How does someone get involved?

A: If your new to Cumberland or local and want to get involved in the outdoor scene, find us on social media and our great Facebook group page Wheelzup Outdoors. It’s where strangers meet up for an outdoor community event then later become friends who we later see coming together to tackle some adventures.

Q: The downtown project is projected to be completed in Fall 2024. What are you looking forward to most when it comes to the new “Baltimore Street”?

A: I have already been very excited as soon as the other new shops started popping up. So, I’ll be even more excited when newer shops start opening up soon. I can already see the people coming downtown shopping, having to make several trips back to their cars to unload their bags all while carrying around their favorite coffee or teas from our local coffee shops. It makes my heart so happy when we see people stopping into the downtown location with their hands full with shopping bags from other shops.

Q: We love that you have a presence in Canal Place now. What are your plans with the old Trail Connection? Will it be a similar store to the Baltimore Street location? 

A: We do have two shops in Cumberland, Md. the downtown location is where you can find the top outdoor brands of apparel. Such as Patagonia, Smartwool, Kavu, Kuhl , black diamond and Prana just to name a few. We also carry all of your Cumberland MD merch from tees to shot glasses. 

Wheelzup at Canal Place is your one stop shop for your bike needs. We carry everything from Bikes to bike apparel as well as some more outdoor apparel that will be different from the downtown location. Don’t be surprise when you walk into Wheelzup at Canal Place, this year, that it doesn’t look different. You may also find some different outdoor gear down there besides bikes.